NFT’s In Gaming Could Bring Crypto Adoption Much Sooner

Polygons cofounder believes that non-fungible tokens and gaming are the main ways people are attracted to the blockchain. The India-based Ethereum layer 2 company recently said it was leaning more into blockchain-based gaming and NFTs by launching a project called Polygon Studios.

Polygons chief operating officer Sandeep Nailwal earlier this week mentioned how very few people realize that even in the U.S. Gaming has more than Hollywood, the NBA, or multiple other industries combined. The gaming industry will be disrupted by play-to-own, and other new models.

Many people now believe that NFTs are the gateway for masses to the blockchain and could help bring adoption much to the crypto industry much quicker.

Gaming NFTs are one of the hottest blockchain trends this summer. The vibrancy around gaming is thanks to play-to-own games such as Axie Infinity.

This is a great time for Polygon. Its one of the most important crypto projects that India has ever seen. They have not yet come across any project in India that was subject to government interference.

Nailwal stated that the government only interferes where theres retail buying and selling crypto. The company has made efforts to “decentralize” its operations. Polygon was one of the first to decentralize its location. No one can foresee the future of where this will definitely go, but the majority of the workforce currently lives in the U.S. and Europe. There are also parts of Southeast Asia where employees live.

Lillian Call

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