Move over Shiba Inu (SHIB), a meme token marketplace is coming to Polygon

Today, Polygons Layer-2 scaling protocol announced that has launched on Polygon. This follows their successful IDO. Polygon Studios will work with to harness the teams NFT expertise and help grow the meme token marketplace. offers a meme-centric way to invest. Users can track the perceived value and trade various Meme Tokens via its platform.

Polygon is home to a variety of NFTs

Polygon is already working with most of the major blockchain-based Web 3.0 and NFT games today, including Decentraland and Opensea. made the easy decision to use Polygon to promote mainstream adoption of its meme-based marketplace. allows users to build their Meme Token portfolio and sponsor their favorite memes. Users can also earn rewards for supporting the most popular memes. Tokens are created based on the perceived worth of the memes they represent. Others can stake tokens to earn additional rewards.

You can invest in some of the most beloved memes on the platform such as Harold, Pepe and Distracted Boyfriend, Grumpy Cat and many others.

Polygon Studios, which is backed by a $100M treasury fund will provide support for the team, including access to investment, marketing and technology as well as a community base.

Johan Unger, cofounder of said in comments: “We want meme aficionados be able have fun with their passion while also being able monetize it.”

He said, “We believe that bringing together the worlds of tokens, memes, and NFTs could unlock a new type of content creation, curation, and reward people both creatively as well as monetarily.”

Dogecoin and Shiba Inu led the meme token frenzy

Many classic memes were sold for huge amounts of money as NFTs this year. Dogecoin, the first ever meme token, was created by the beloved Shiba Inu Doge.

The original Doge meme was sold for $4 million in Ethereum, making it the most expensive meme ever. The meme “Nyan Cat”, which is also very popular, sold for $590,000. “Disaster Girl”, however, went for a staggering $500,000

Meme.coms first asset class layer, MarbleCards, was launched in January 2019. This platform allows anyone to create unique NFT-based digital card URLs. Each web page can only be marbled once by one person, so once a card has been created, the NFT is permanent for that URL. raised $6 million earlier this year from blockchain-focused venture capital firms such as Outlier Ventures and Digital Finance Group, Morningstar. Blockhype and Spark Digital Capital.

Altitude Games CEO Gabby Dizon and Polygon cofounder Sandeep Nailwal, both angel investors, also made investments to help the platforms future.

Scaling and reliability are crucial for growth and adoption in DeFi, gaming and NFT communities. Polygon, a full-stack scaling platform, is the ideal solution for It allows members to seamlessly join the DeFi, Gaming, and NFT communities in order to create the Meme Token markets.

Polygon Studios was launched recently by Polygon to increase awareness and adoption for NFTs. A $100 million fund was set aside to support gaming-related NFT projects.

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